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The Foundations of Health have been extremely tough for a lot of us to maintain this year. Since the pandemic, we’ve had a major change our work-life structure, including working primarily at home, not able to get out and exercise, and a lack of connecting with the communities that you love.

As a result, I am reaching out to all of you to join me in a new movement (pun intended) on YouTube! Over this winter (and foreseeable pandemic) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8am PST, I will be live-streaming FREE Revolution In Motion classes that will provide a greater sense of physical and mental ease throughout the day. Moreover, you can join in with people from all around the world to share the same experience!

Unsure what RevInMo is? No problem! I will teach you everything about this movement system and how to perform each exercise correctly. Moreover, these classes will be intentionally geared towards those new to RevInMo.

All you need is:

— Yourself, and

— A Stability/Yoga Ball (seen in the video)

— (Optional: a water bottle or pair of 2lb weights)

RevInMo has been foundational to keeping me healthy this year. I’ve been through the dozens of zoom calls per week, the physical and mental aches and pains from sitting and working for hours on end, and just feeling like I’ve been stranded on an island and out of touch.

It is a no brainer to start expanding my services to all of the millions of people online. Let’s break this mold together, and join the Revolution In Motion!

RevInMo With Eric

Mon, Wed, Fri @ 8am PST

Live on Youtube



Visit www.RevInMo.com/Virtual-Classes/ to sign up and learn more!