Healthy Food



Diet and nutrition is bar none the most important foundation of health for optimal athletic performance and recovery. What kinds and how much fuel you put in your body is directly correlated to aspects such as body composition, performance output, and consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Whether you need nutritional guidance for an ultramarathon, if you want to make sure you're getting the most out of your gym sessions, or if you are simply struggling to find the right foods to eat each day -- we can establish a plan that suits your individual needs.


  • Through Health History Intake. In order to know where you want to go, I must know where you have been. Health history is vitally important in making sure that we are making consistent progress while still keeping in mind any pre-existing conditions and potentially associated dietary modifications.

  • Diet and Training/Activity Assessment. I want to know exactly what and when you are eating throughout the day, and even more so whether these days include training and what type. In flushing out these details, we can better individualize your diet and nutrition planning.

  • Supplement Review. Having trouble figuring out what supplements are best for you, or how to select the right ones around your medications? We will cut through the noise of supplement industry marketing and provide you only the most important tools you need for consistent success all while not breaking the bank!

  • Nutritional Bloodwork. Some simple labs can offer us great information to bring the above points together, including health history/pre-existing conditions, and an overview of potential supplement toxicities and/or contamination. We can figure all this out together! 

  • Pre- and Post- Body Composition Testing (coming soon). 

  • Discounts on Practitioner Grade Supplements. Dr. Eric will provide recommendations to hand-selected NSF Certified for Sport® supplements that he knows will give you the best support in optimizing performance and recvery, in which you will be able to purchase them at a discounted price.