• Eric Hughes

Fascia: The Key to Pain and Performance!

Updated: Apr 1

Did you know that everyone has one thing in common with Spiderman? It's fascia!

You may or may not be familiar with fascia, but it is the single most underrated and overlooked contributor to every aspect of your health. Fascia is an interconnected web that touches every single cell in the body. It is made up of collagenous protein and elastin fibers, in which healthy fascia promotes strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. Fascia is malleable and adaptable to changes in the environment. It is susceptible to stressors such as inflammation, trauma/injury, and repetitive motion, in which the fascia becomes bound and dense. As a result, these bound up areas lose their elasticity, and you experience symptoms such as immobility and pain.

How does fascia relate to Spiderman? Well everyone's fascial make-up is unique to themselves -- much like their own personal Spiderman suit. This is why one person's pain, posture, and gait is (and their subsequent treatment plans ought to be) individualized.

Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of fascia!

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