• Eric Hughes

HOW to Improve Pain and Performance Through Fascial Remodeling

I mentioned in the last blog how fascia is so important for all aspects of health in the body. Now we can get into the meat and beans on what you can do about it!

Fascia is adaptable to change, and fortunately this is a two way street! Fascia that has become dense and dysfunctional also has the ability to become remodeled, thereby regaining strength and elasticity. Normally this is performed through manual therapy techniques (i.e., fascial manipulation); however, Revolution In Motion also serves as a modality that enables you to remodel your fascia in the absence of someone that can do it for you.

Movements in RevInMo are fluid, efficient, and dynamic, thereby promoting these very effects in the fascial system itself throughout the whole body. You will feel stronger when your fascia is healthy. You will be able to avoid injuries and respond more quickly to a command that your brain wants you to do. Movements become automated, where you don’t even have to think about them.

Watch the video to further learn more about how RevInMo can improve your fascial system and all aspects of health!

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