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Improve Your Core, Improve Your Performance

Do you feel like you aren't able to generate enough explosive power or strength as you used to? The first place where you should look is your core!

RevInMo emphasizes the core through Abdominal Hollowing. To simulate this, find a spot right between your pubic bone and belly button and imagine drawing that spot in and up towards your spine. That is how we ought to be engaging our core. As a result, we are able to combine the other Essentials of posture such as Lift in the Chest and Relaxing the Low Back for fluid and effective movement patterns.

Here are a couple exercises to reinforce Abdominal Hollowing!


  • Roll out into a dive position, knees and elbow stay straight

  • Pull yourself forward until your shoulders are stacked above your hands

  • Press your shins into the ball, hollow your abs, and lift your sacrum to the ceiling

  • Roll back into the beginning extended position

Knees Side to Side

  • Roll out over the ball, hands shoulder width apart

  • With your knees and feet together, bring your knees to your chest

  • Drop your head to the floor, elbows stay straight, and the sacrum is directed towards the ceiling

  • Move your knees to one side of the ball, dropping the opposite hip onto the ball

  • Hollow your abs to bring your sacrum back up to the ceiling, and then repeat on the other side (alternating back and forth)

Pull Overs

  • Sit on top of the ball, walk forward rolling down on the ball until you are in a lying position

  • Feet hip width distance apart, toes pointed forward, knees at 90 degrees

  • The top of your glutes are in contact with the ball, head is relaxed on the ball with the chin directed towards the ceiling, and reach your tailbone to your knees by drawing in your abs to the front of the spine

  • Bells will start at your ears, pointing your elbows to the ceiling

  • Grip the bells lightly, and your arms from the elbow to the hands are relaxed

  • Initiate the movement by lowering the bells to the floor by with the muscles under your shoulder blades, and then bringing them back up to your ears

If you want to learn more about RevInMo, be sure to check out the RevInMo Virtual Classes being held at 8am on Mondays. Check out this blog post to learn more.

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Disclaimer: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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