• Eric Hughes

The Secret to Anti-Aging That You've Been Missing

During my time in school, I was introduced to the field of “Anti-Aging Medicine.” Basically, how can we Benjamin Button this whole thing called life? And what it usually came down to were purely aesthetic treatments — getting rid of all the wrinkles, bags, and sags. How can we “trick nature” (or at least trick ourselves when we look in the mirror) and fight against the inevitable? And to be honest, this was an idea that just turned me off. It’s like putting a fresh coat of paint on a car with 500,000 miles of use! What’s the point!?

It wasn’t until I applied “anti-aging” to the very tools I implement in my business where I had that lightbulb moment…

When working with people, like you, I am a firm believer of Movement as a Foundation of Health — that we should be able to continue to be active and play for as long as we want without much limitation. Unfortunately, “aging” plays a role in this as well, which is why patients usually come and see me.

In the beginning, we were all these invincible, Gumby-like kids. We could run, jump, and climb without any care in the world. As soon as you fell, you got right back up and carried on like nothing happened.

But eventually, we get to the point of just getting “older.” We are popping back up less and less, injuries continue to liger, injuries start to compile. We move and stay active until we just can’t anymore. And we chalk it up to “aging,” and “that’s just the way it is,” right?

Here’s the kicker! What I’ve been seeing through my own pursuit of sports and activity is that the turning point of getting “older” occurs way faster than I could have imagined. My own peers are seemingly dropping like flies right and left. They’re sidelined by a bad ankle, a sore shoulder, or a stiff back, and they’re popping Ibuprofen and Tylenol like its going out of style.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve been through the slew of injuries. Chronic sprained ankles, multiple head injuries, a dozen broken bones, herniated discs, separated shoulder, and a blown out ACL just to name a few… (I’m sure my mom could give you the full run down.)

So then why is it that my patients and I are able to continue playing without limitation?

Why do we not have to rely on NSAIDS to get us through the day?

Why are we not getting out of bed each morning stiff as a board?

It’s because we are already practicing Anti-Aging Medicine!

Through the use of Revolution In Motion, we are able to impart changes to our body that allow us to move well and play at our fullest:

  • We improve our posture, which allows for more fluid and efficient movement.

  • We protect and heal our joints, which improves our shock absorption and transfer of energy.

  • We build a stronger core, which harnesses more explosive and dynamic power into our play.

  • We improve our balance and coordination, in which are able to “fall” correctly and auto-correct as needed (i.e., the basis for automation and “in the zone” training!)

The field of anti-aging isn’t about putting on fresh coats of paint on the car, it’s about consistent repair under the hood. Make sure the engine is running well, re-align the tires, change the oil as needed…. But where the car analogy ends is that you only have one body, and can’t readily replace your worn out parts.

Your health is the most important thing you have! Make sure you're setting yourself up with good foundations for the rest of your life. Whether that's for continuing to stay active, playing the sport that you love, or just daily living — your physical pains shouldn't be something you have to worry about, because age and aging are mutually exclusive.

I hope you find that helpful in your own journey. If you have any questions or want to chat about your experience, be sure to reach out to me!

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